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madelocalmonth: HELLO

madelocalmonth: HELLO

Hello! 👋 Just introducing myself for #madelocalmonth... I’m Eliza and I’m the designer and printmaker behind Morris & Essex. That’s Sadie (7 mos) on my hip, and Hattie (almost 3 years) didn’t want to be in the picture so she’s hiding behind the mirror. These girls are a big inspiration for me... I’m grateful to be juggling creative work and parenting at the same time, even when it’s hard to fit it all in.

My favorite parts of the day are: 
-drinking milky coffee in the shower. 
-quiet craft time with Hattie while Sadie takes a nap. 
-outings with the girls: children’s museum, farmer’s market, zoo, grocery store, or exploring the city. 
-afternoon walks to the park with Hattie in the stroller and Sadie in the carrier. 
-glass of wine and an hour or two of work time after I put the girls to bed and clean up the day’s detritus.

If I had a month off, I would spend it: 
-Baking more pies and cookies 
-Sitting on a park bench with a coffee and a sketchbook 
-Studying art history 
-Napping and reading fiction 
-Wandering around a strange & beautiful new city with a camera in my hand
-Hiking new mountains 
-Learning more new craft techniques

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