Old Jeans collection

Old Jeans collection

Do you have a couple pairs of old, ripped-up jeans that are destined for the dump? I'd love to take them from you and turn them into something new! I can also use lightweight or mid-weight canvas (sails are too heavy but anything lighter should work!) 

If you'd like to share your old jeans or canvas goods for recycling, please email me to arrange shipping or pick-up (from anywhere around the northeast Avalon peninsula). Drop me a line: oldjeanscollection (at) gmail.com

I'm working on a new project that will create fun new hand-printed and handmade stuff, using repurposed / salvaged textiles. 

As much as I love making, I'm always conscious about creating more consumer goods in a world that's already choked with excess textiles and consumer waste. I've always worked hard to use organic and eco-friendly materials, and to figure out the most environmentally sustainable practices in my studio and my business. However, I'm feeling increasingly uncomfortable about buying new materials when there's already so much waste around us. My new project is figuring out ways to repurpose existing textile waste into fun and useful handmade goods, while minimizing my use of *new* materials in my studio. If you'd like to be a part of this project by donating your used clothes or canvas goods, please get in touch with me! oldjeanscollection (at) gmail.com


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