New Linen Tea Towels!

New Linen Tea Towels!

We've been working hard on a new collection of LINEN TEA TOWELS which I've been developing all year! I love printing tea towels and wanted to upgrade to a really excellent quality textile, 100% made in Maine. I needed to have more control of the supply and stitching process and the quality of construction, and of course to work with local makers. I started by ordering samples and we stitched up a variety of different samples, tested them by printing them with different designs, and then put them to work in the kitchen! With two small kids and a whole lot of messy projects and constant hand-washing, I had plenty of opportunities to use them and see how they wash and wear.


Hand-Printed Linen Tea Towel on a green slate countertop, with cutting board and knife, fresh basil and tomato


The results of our in-home research were wonderful. I love how the linen gets a gorgeous rumpled texture and gets softer with every washing. These towels can dry some dishes but they really excel as a sustainable, all-purpose kitchen cloth. We love them for drying hands because they dry so quickly! We use them at mealtime to keep fresh-baked rolls warm at the table or to wipe up little spills or just to substitute for napkins. The oatmeal-colored linen was our favorite because it doesn't collect stains the way white linens do. The stitching quality is excellent and holds up beautifully through heavy use and many washes.


Hand-Printed Linen Tea Towel, a wooden spoon and a yellow squash on a green slate countertop


You can take a look at the full collection here, and stay tuned as we plan to add more designs within the next few weeks.

Farmhouse kitchen with green slate counter, an assortment of hand-printed linen tea towels, wooden spoons and ceramic canisters

What will happen with the cotton tea towels? I am not printing them anymore, though I do have some lovely designs remaining on the shelves, so this is a great opportunity to grab some while they are still available. They are slowly selling out and being replaced with the linen towels. I will keep most of the designs and will be printing them on linen instead of cotton. A few of the cotton designs will be retired as we switch over and add some fun new prints for the new linen towels!

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