Moving to Newfoundland!!

Moving to Newfoundland!!

We’re moving to NEWFOUNDLAND! Still working out a million details but I guess it’s real now - we are hoping to be in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada by the end of this summer!

 colorful houses and steep cliffs in The Battery neighborhood, St. John's NL

When @miketopper was looking at jobs he said "you wanna move to Newfoundland?!" and I was like, "Ummmm. Probably not? But tell me more!" so he did, and then we got obsessed with learning everything about Newfoundland and especially St. John's, because it seems like a fascinating city with a long history as an international trading port and cultural center. Surrounded by magical landscapes, on an incredibly beautiful & wild island. We couldn't stop reading and looking at everything (and listening to some great fiddle music) and we just fell in love with Newfoundland. We’ve never been there and can’t visit, because Covid. So, it’s a leap of faith! Hopefully a good one.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador
Mike will be working as a large animal veterinarian for the provincial government, helping local farmers with keeping healthy livestock, in a job position that seems like a perfect match for his values, education and interests. The job seemed too perfect to turn down, and we are so excited to live in this colorful city surrounded by spectacular land and seascapes, epic hiking trails. Hopefully we’re all rugged enough to manage some foggy, blustery, stormy weather. Most of all, we think it'll be a great adventure for our family and a fun place to raise up two small, brave, nature-loving kiddos.

View Point sign with iceberg

Morris & Essex will be going on hiatus beginning in May/June, for at least a few months while we juggle packing, moving, parenting and finding a new house and hopefully I'll be able to set up a new printmaking studio once we get ourselves sorted out in Newfoundland. I am so excited for this transition, despite all the stressful uncertainty and tiresome logistical hassles of moving house, I'm sure this big transition will bring lots of fresh inspiration to my work when I return to it.


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