Infinity Scarves are here at last!

Infinity Scarves are here at last!

From the very first moment I dreamed about making hand-printed scarves, I always planned on making an infinity scarf... that is, a circular loop scarf with no beginning or end. It's a super easy style to throw on, as you never need to think about what to do with the ends, and it always hangs just right... 

It's not so simple to design and create, though! I've been experimenting with different ideas for how I want to do this, and it's taken me a few years to figure out the perfect scarf, but here they are! I think it was worth the wait.

These scarves are a collaboration with the super talented Mama Hen, who also makes amazing baby and toddler pants (and other fun stuff!) that my kids and I love! We used misprints and leftover pieces from my regular scarves, so there are some quirks and variations in the patterns, which makes each one even more special.

infinity scarves in the works

I LOVE making these because I can use up some of the slightly-irregular prints that I have stacked up around the studio, and it’s SO FUN picking out color and pattern combos and figuring out which pieces look best together. Most of the scarves combine three different fabric colors and three different patterns/prints. It’s all about finding the right combinations... Like doing a puzzle where the right answer is whatever I think is the most beautiful!! I could do this all day...

Mama Hen's sewing studio scarves in production at Mama Hen's studio

Here are some snapshots of the scarf fabric neatly stacked up at Mama Hen's sewing studio, neatly cut down to size and waiting to be stitched up into new scarves!


It's been so much fun to have the opportunity to collaborate with another talented craftsperson whose work I have always admired! And I'm so thrilled that we've been able to make this vision a reality. Now that the weather is turning cooler, I'm so happy to be wearing my new scarf and finding this color combo matches almost everything in my closet.

Because these scarves are made using fabric from seconds and misprints, each one is different and no two are exactly alike! However, the scarves listed on the website are ones that I've made a few scarves of the same color/pattern combos. So, while each scarf will have some variation in the details of the hand-printed patterns, each one will generally look like the scarf pictured in the product photos. I also have some infinity scarves that are entirely unique, as they are made using sample prints or one-off pieces that I won't be able to create again. Those won't be listed online; you can find those in my booth at any of my in-person events, such as Common Ground Fair or the holiday Picnic sale in Portland. 

infinity scarves display

infinity scarves finished

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