Hand-Printed Infinity Scarf - Errol Scarf - Handmade in Maine


This very-limited-edition loop scarf is handmade from super-soft, hand-printed bamboo fabric and sustainable organic cotton, with my original hand-printed textile patterns. It’s the perfect length to wrap twice around your neck, and you don’t have to figure out how to tie it or what to do with the ends! This scarf features exposed stitching in coordinating grey thread.

Eco-friendly bamboo fabric requires little water and no pesticides to grow. We use Alabama Chanin's organic cotton, grown and milled sustainably in the USA... so this scarf makes a wonderful eco-conscious gift.

This scarf has warm, earty neutrals and shades of maroon and purple... it'll coordinate beautifully with an outfit that includes neutrals, purples, or muted earth tones.